CKBSM LTD. – Business Solutions Market, is the manufacturer and the only distributor worldwide, of a unque series of pure olive oil soap, made from pure and extra virgin olive oil and packed in original and luxurious gift packages, under the label “Pure Luxury Olive Oil Products”, all of them made in certified labs and packing plants, with the use of 100% natural production processes, without any use of aromatic substances, dyes or preservatives.
Ideal as a souvenir, as a baptismal gift and as a product of personal hygiene and care for people with skin diseases and for babies. It is also suitable for washing baby clothes.
Our company is also the exclusive representative and distributor in Greece, of quality sunglasses and vision – optical items, from five leading manufacturers – optical companies of Italy – Milan (Obert, Blu Up, Start, Starty, I-Color) suitable for selected optical stores and selected accessories shops!
If you are a mercahnt in Greece or on abroad and you are interesed in selling:
1) quality and luxurius products made from extra virgin olive oil, or
2) quality products and accessories related to your customer’s need for excellent sun protection or related to the need of protection and improveement of their vision,
you can contact our CKBSM LTD. Wholesale Department,
by email on with a topic ”WHOLESALE” or by calling us on our cells:
+30-6955147322 ,
+30-6942649524 or on our landline +30-2103003018.
You can have an acess of 1 year discount on all of our other services, due our cooperation on one of them!
Here there a sample of our products!: